Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Superiority and Advantages of Todays Note Taking Technology

With the large amount of technology that today’s population possess and rely on a daily basis it was only a matter of time until devices that were originally created for social networking and music would be integrated to help benefit students in their academics.
By using new note taking technologies such as applications and video recording devices, students are able to better understand lectures for tests and papers due to their more completed notes. It has even gotten to the point where a student’s Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad has become a Management Information Systems that basically complies and organizes information without any effort from the user. An example of this is in the popular application Evernote. This specific application takes class notes, organizes them, and gives you the ability to share the information with the rest of your peers instantaneously. Thus by using data collected during class, information needed for a test or paper, and business intelligence of key terms in every classmate’s data, students can now study together over greater distances in a more effective manner. By giving students with these technologies such an increased advantage over others it basically forces consumers to not only buy these products but also to upgrade them as faster more effective models are released to the market.
Rather than seeing the new integration in technology as a way of cheating the system, professors and colleges alike are embracing new note taking technologies by using things such as tablets in the classroom. By doing this students have the option to take notes while drawing examples, video record lectures, look up key information in an instant, all while eliminating the large number of textbooks and notebooks that an average student has to carry throughout their academic career. Not only has these technologies given average students an advantage, but it has also given students with disabilities the opportunity to better understand material through applications such as sign language aids for hearing impaired students. Technology today also has the ability to enhance the print of text so that visually impaired individuals also have the ability to learn what they wish to learn without the struggles that they usually have to go through. Even Loyola University Maryland has integrated iPads into their classes such as accounting. Other schools such as Shenandoah include technological devices in their tuition. All freshman and transfers to Shenandoah University are given a Macbook Pro as well as their choice of other apple devices that will better enhance their learning.
As students’ progress throughout their academic career and eventually try and find jobs, we can once again see that technology has given us the ability to take information and distribute it not only to thier peers but people anywhere on earth without a language barrier. An example is demonstrated in Google and it’s newly launched mobile web application, which allows users to translate conversations as they speak and have one’s words played back to them in another language. In doing this we can see the large abundance of possibilities of taking notes or information and distributing among other at remarkably fast speeds.
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