Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Information Systems – BLOG #1

To Hadoop or not to Hadoop

            Social networking sites allow people to customize a page according to what they like and dislike. These websites are key for companies who want to increase their business by finding out what the customers like and dislike. These websites can help companies to appeal to a larger crowd and satisfy consumer needs better by targeting their products, services, and businesses in general to exactly what the consumers want. Having a direct link into the social networking sites would allow an influx of data that could help companies improve immensely; that’s where Hadoop comes into play.
Hadoop is a computing system that helps look through large quantities of data with a “simple programming model” ( that was based off of Google MapReduce and Google File Systems; Hadoop is an improvement of these two programs. This software is a more reliable way to store, organize, and compute data rather than relying on hardware, which can at any time fail. If Hadoop were to fail, it is programmed to handle the failure and fix it on its own, without harming the data stored. Anyone from a single server to a huge company can use this software; bottom line, it is designed for anyone to use. The most appealing aspect of this program is that Hadoop is free. To be able to improve a company’s way of organizing their systems to help make production and research more efficient for no cost at all is a steal and an instant hit in the IT market.
Hadoop is helping companies improve constantly, especially Walmart’s online shopping website. Walmart has used the help of Hadoop to create their search engine on their online shopping website. When a customer types in a topic to search, a picture of the product pops up. Without Hadoop, the manual labor to create that would have taken forever to write and install. In the future, Walmart wants to be able to use the Hadoop software to connect to a person’s social networking site(s) so that when he or she searches an item that item is relevant to their likes and dislikes. Walmart wants to use this as a way to increase their revenue and customer satisfaction, Hadoop can help.
With a constant need to improve systems, Hadoop is succeeding immensely with their software. It is helping companies improve the websites, with both production and research. The more organized a company is, the better off it is because it can run more smoothly as well as more efficiently. Hadoop is helping companies, such as Walmart, to connect multiple resources to increase revenue for a company. By advertising on social networking sites and connecting to them directly to figure out the consumer’s wants and needs, that is giving a company a competitive edge. Also, connecting to other websites may attract new customers and make a company above the line.
The constant demand for improvement is creating a successful industry for Hadoop as well as improving other companies as well. Hadoop is helping companies keep up with the constant technology improvements and is updating their software as well to keep up with the ever-changing market.

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