Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Associated Press mobile app for coupons in newspapers

Associated Press decided to combine with 32 newspaper groups and 20 different retailers in order to release a mobile application to use coupons listed in the papers. It lets you use your phone instead of cutting out and looking through tons of coupons on the Sunday newspapers. The application will have tons of products on there with the combination of different retailers and it will end up being very convenient to use for all those coupon clippers out there.

One reason the application will be very useful is because there will be a search feature on there. So if you see a really good sale you could plan out how you buy things ahead of time if you are really short on cash. It helps if you are a younger generation that doesn’t even read the newspaper, they can just pull their phone out in the line for the register at the supermarket and save some money in a matter of seconds. And for all those people that make lists when they go to the store, the app lets you make a list and then it lets you know all the money you can save through coupons available. It also some other decent additions, a store locator and a function that lets you share coupons with friends.

“The icircular product is a way to match up the historical newspaper marketplace with the new mobile era,” said Mary Junck, chairman of AP’s board of director’s revenue committee and chief executive of Lee Enterprises. I think she is very right because this new mobile era is doing really well for increasing revenue for these publishing companies. The e-book textbook is another idea of this, and Associated Press is taking advantage of this situation. Obviously coupons aren’t that big of a deal but for all those penny savers out there this app is extremely quick and very efficient in saving a quick buck and helps a lot for any grocery trip. It is perfect for the younger age groups who didn't grow up reading the paper often and they can get the benefits of the coupons in the sunday paper.

Another key point for Associated Press here is they can track the consumer’s interests when using the app, this is something a traditional newspaper could never do. They make you agree when you get the app and it doesn’t really matter to many people. An example being whenever somebody ‘likes’ a page on Facebook, ads appear on the right side of the screen and more information about your name travels around the internet to the company's benefit for sales.

The application will simply increase the customer experience and it is also a free app so it has an unlimited range of people that can use it. Everything is set up for Associated Press’ application to get a consistent return on customers. It also predicted that the revenue made from the newspaper circular ads will begin to decline as more and more companies begin to come out with digital ideas. Papers are only hanging on because of the money they make from the ads and if they lose that then they would basically go out of business. This app helps Associated Press stay ahead of the game and with it being so convenient there is no way they end up losing here.

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