Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New Face of Marketing

As a marketing major, with an information system minor I found this article particularly interesting. Today’s society uses computers or some sort of technology on an everyday basis because it makes life simpler. Companies now use technology to make their marketing more interactive. Before consumers buy a product of technology, they question things such as if it will be easy to operate, how fast will it operate, does it have all the applications that they looking for, and more. How would a company answer to that? A simple solution would be to have the consumer play with the technology before it is purchased rather then opening it for the first time in their homes. Some companies have already picked up on this type of marking, such as Apple. Today one can go inside an Apple store and test out a variety of products to see how compatible they are with it before deciding to purchase the product. I myself have done this. Before I decided to purchase a Mac I went to Apple to see if I even like using it. The interactive aspect is what sold me to product rather then the actual marketing through advertisements. But I had a reason to go into the Apple store that day; what about the consumers who are just passing by, but don’t go inside? How does one interactively market with the consumer all the while, broadening their brand awareness? Garmin has successfully marketed a new product in this fashion through new technology.

Garmin is the top producer of navigations and communications for the air force, automotive, water sport, and outdoor sectors. Garmin thought since they sell technology to consumers, why not use it to market their products. Garmin recently launched a test digital signage solution in their store window in Moscow, Russia to market their navigation system. Like Apple, the signage solution is a form of interactive marketing but on a whole new level. The solution is not the actual size of the product. Unlike Apple, who has consumers test the actual product, Garmin has a giant replica that has all the same features one would find if they purchased the product. The biggest difference from Apple’s marketing and competitor’s marketing is the fact that the consumer does not have to even go inside the store in order to see the product. The solution is placed behind a transparent window-foil. The interactive touch screen can be touch from outside the store.

There are many benefits as to the location of the solution. Consumers become more aware of not only the product but also the actual brand itself. The solution will catch anyone’s eye walking by, especially if there is a crowd of people waiting to test the scene for themselves. The hope of this promotion is to attract consumers to boost sales for their navigation system. This is a prime example of how up-to-date technology can help companies such as Garmin increase their sales, expand their target consumers, and promote their name all at the same time. What I find so interesting about this example is the fact the technology is not being used to improve the product itself, but to improve the sales of the product. It is the same type of technology but utilized in a completely different way. The test measures the amount of visitors and sales in return. As of right now, things are looking successful. Only time will tell if sales are increased because of this change in promotion but if they are, I’m sure we will be seeing the same type of marketing through different companies in our own local areas.

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