Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hewlett Packard moves toward Cloud software

Co. Executive Officer Leo Apotheker of Hewlett Packard announced the plan for his company to expand their software technologies and markets for online computing. The use of a new cloud computing service will allow developers to make their own applications for potential buyers using the Hewlett Packard tools and servers. As well, plans to install the WebOS mobile software into much more of their products has projected to increase their output of devices to past the 100 million mark. Apotheker stated, “It’s the first time HP is trying to put all of the elements of what it’s doing together”.

Hewlett Packard’s goal to have all of their products working together while expanding their software markets has put them in the competitive running for business with the corporate demographic because the new technology will allow for data movement and organization at the scale needed. Still, problems due to the high cost of the cloud computing and the power needed to move the immense amounts of data have the CEO’s and leaders of the operation treading carefully.

The cloud technology implemented will allow users to accesses an online store where, because of the new technology, consumers will have the tools necessary to build the software they need or search the organized center for what they are looking for. As well, the ownership of a cloud will allow Hewlett Packard to host an area where other companies can distribute their own software through use of the cloud. This centralized station puts the company in a position of leverage by making them the one area that can tie together both corporate and personal technology needs. Along with the cloud, the 100 million plus output of personal devices has been made possible by this process. The use of the WebOS will open the market for the corporate side by offering the technology that most big business’s need for their employees to everyone.

Hewlett Packard’s decision to implement the new software, although risky in the cost sector, has already taken off running. By making this move, they have reversed their competitive and industry pressures while working both above and below the line. Opening the door to the corporate software market while keeping their personal consumers will optimize their revenue while staying organized all under one cloud. Already, Hewlett Packard sales have been projected to rise and the shares of their stock to move up in price. The cloud itself works as a giant knowledge management system where data from all over the world can be filed and searched for in one place. This system allows for the all of the integrated software’s access to be monitored and the data from sales to be monitored to help maximize revenue. Combined with the massive out put of devices, the cloud technology has the potential to open doors for Hewlett Packard that no other company has the resources to keep up with and could potentially have huge rewards for the company itself.

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