Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kindle Connects to Library E-Books

This article talks about Amazon’s decision to work alongside Free Libraries throughout the country to allow for their Kindle E-Reader to begin downloading the E-Books which these libraries have available. Around 11,000 libraries throughout the country will be participating in this program.

It is my personal belief that this is a good direction for Amazon to go. Other E-Reader companies such as Barnes and Noble are already in this market. That was something that was a bone of contention for those who had Kindles. Kindle is currently the highest sold of all e-readers and in order to get books on the Kindle, it was required to purchase them. Nowadays, most libraries have at least some type of E-book collection that is a part of their library and for Amazon to miss out on that was something that was causing them to lose business. Especially when it comes to people who read a majority of their books from the Library for whatever reason, whether that is that they read only in the summer, or they just enjoy the library more than purchasing every book which they choose to read.

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