Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Want secure Android devices? They'll cost you

Infoworld, a technology blog online, talked about the possibility of Android devices becoming more secure.

With the release of Apple’s iOS 4, came more business capabilities for Apple. The IPhones now had the ability to be more safe and secure, and information could be more easily managed through a program known as 3LM, which is run by Motorola Mobility. Research in Motion (the company who makes Blackberry) and Windows Mobile, both have had similar versions of this program for an extended period of time. Android powered smartphones don’t have this same capability, which makes them less “business savvy” one could say.

3LM was originally owned by Motorola Mobility, which was purchased by Google. Google is the maker of the Android processing system so that is the reason why Android phones would subsequently get this program.

I believe that making the conscious decision for the vendors to choose to purchase the software would be silly. IPhones are becoming more and more popular in the world of smartphones. As of June 22, 2010 IPhones were owned by 55% of the people who had a smartphone. Blackberrys were 12% of the market, and Android Powered phones were 20% of the market. I believe that now that T-Mobile is merging with AT&T and Sprint has now gotten the IPhone, the amount of people who will purchase the IPhone will increase. I know for a fact that the only reason that once I began having a phone with a data plan and I didn’t have an IPhone was because I switched to Sprint and they didn’t have a contact for the IPhone.

This program will also not be built into these Android phones which I think makes it even less important that these phones have them. It will be attached to apps and it will be programs that consumers must purchase separately from their phone. By having the software set up in such a format, it will turn into a scenario where some phones are able to be equipped with the program while others will not. That will only confuse people and make them less likely to purchase the product and maybe even the Android Phones. I believe that considering that people have been going without this program since Android powered phones came out and haven’t been worried about it, the implementation of this program is a complete waste.

However, once this is put into place, phones that are not equipped with the 3LM will be at a disadvantage. If a vast majority of phones end up with this technology, there may be a shift in the way they function without it. They may be unable to do certain things and people with phones that are either incapable of being equipped or the owners have chosen to not purchase the package they need in order for this software to properly do its job. For example, if their phone is not equipped, they may not be able to get a work email that they would normally be able to get before this system was put into place.

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