Thursday, October 6, 2011

NBA 2K12: A Gaming Legacy

            With the National Basketball Association on strike for more than ninety-five days, it seems people have all but forgotten the sport even existed.  Players such as Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker have already decided to play abroad in the upcoming months, rather than bide their time till the lockout ends, that is, if it does.  However, there is one thing reminding fans of the excitement they once held for basketball, a video game.  Yes, a video game, and that game is NBA 2K12. With all new features, fans can not only create themselves, but also live the life of an NBA rookie, doing everything from the live draft, be contacted by the PR department, play in a rookie showcase to help your draft status, and also see themselves around town on billboards.  The most interesting feature the game has to offer is revolutionary.  Players receive a grade on how well they performed in the game, not by the game, but by their teammates. 
            What the creators of NBA 2K12 have done is turn an ordinary game into something extraordinary.  With its new features there is not a game on the market, of any sport, that compares.  I would argue that what they have done to NBA 2K12, compared to previous games is more than anyone could ask for.  This game was designed to start a revolution.  A revolution in the way games are played and a revolution in the way games are made.  The creators of NBA 2K12 have made what is sure to become a trend with interactive playing on the court.  The way in which you are graded makes you not only want to play for your own glory, but for your teams as well.  This takes the focus off of you as an individual and brings back the age old notion that the team truly does come first.  In my opinion, the ways in which this game has made people care about their image to their teammates and the public is curtail.  Not only do you get a sense of team, you get a sense of morals from playing this game.  You are taught to play in such a way that is liked by your teammates, coaches, and PR department; leaving you with a level of expectations you are to meet to become the best player possible. 
            There are merely two counter arguments to NBA 2K12 being one of the greatest all around video games ever created.  One, the visuals are not as strong as a true gamer would like.  The lip action in comparison to the words spoken is just off.  Also, player’s bottom lips tend not to move well.  Another counter pint would be comparing this game to games of other sports, such as Madden.  Some may argue that is like comparing oranges to apples, while I believe they’re all games, and NBA 2K12 has more features and more opportunity for gamers to have success simply by being a good teammate.          
            Nonetheless, NBA 2K12 has created what will become an empire and dynasty in the video game field for years to come with their new implementations to their product.  In a time of true uncertainty for the NBA, fans will always have the reinvented, and better than ever, NBA 2K12 to get them through.  

Here is a video of one of the promotional ads for the new NBA 2K12

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