Sunday, October 9, 2011

A More Interactive Way to Share Your Photos

Popular photo sharing site Flickr has recently developed a new and interactive way to share photos with others. Flickr’s new Photo Session will enable users to invite up to ten people to a photo slideshow, where they will be able to communicate and interact with each other. By simply sending a link, multiple people will be able to view a single set of photos through their computer, iPhone, or iPad. The feature allows real-time sharing as well as real-time communication. When an album is being shown, any of the people in the session may chat to the rest of the party as well as draw on the photos using a doodle tool.

This new implement creates an effective way to instantly share photos. No longer will people have to be in the same room to chat and share their images. Common methods in the past have been e-mail or uploading photos online, which prevented the viewers and the host from discussing them in real-time. With Flickr’s Photo Session, you can now be on vacation and be able to share the photos from earlier that day, while communicating with the viewers back home.

This will most certainly help Flickr stand out from other photo sharing sites such as Photobucket ( and Facebook (, and hopefully lead to an increase in membership. In today’s society people are being drawn more and more to sharing and communicating with others no matter where they are in the world. The addition is not only technologically advanced but sleek and simple for users as well. This will be more attractive to the general public. This innovation by Flickr will definitely help to increase the amount of people who join the site. The more interactive, the more appealing it will be to members.

People no longer want to wait for pictures to be developed or wait to see them in person. The Internet along with programs such as Flickr’s photo session will soon (if not already) dominate the way we share photos with one another. As society becomes more tech-savvy, an increase in demand will occur for more interactive ways to share experiences with people around the world. Flickr understands its users and knows what they want and how they want it. They have used technology to make it easier for people to get a more personal interaction over the Internet.

Currently Flickr’s Photo Session is only compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. At the time it is not compatible with Internet Explorer, which leaves a lot of people behind. As of right now it is exclusive only to the people who have the proper specifications to use it. As technological advancements of the Internet emerge, more and more people will be left behind dude to exclusive system requirements.

In the end Flickr’s innovation will most likely lead to other sites following in their footsteps. People are demanding ways to have a more personal and interactive experience even if the person is miles away. Flickr understands what the people want and they used this information and their technology to obtain it.

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