Monday, October 10, 2011

Google Mobile Aims to Turn Phones into Wallets

Think about using your cell phone to pay for basically anything. Well Google has just come out with its latest and greatest new toy. It is called Google Wallet. This new technology is an app for your cell phone that allows a person to load credit cards and gift cards on their cell phone to use wherever MasterCard pay pass stations are. The credit cards are loaded onto the phone and need a 4-digit security pin. This technology is still young in its availability. Only Sprint customers who have the Nexus S 4G cell phones can use Google Wallet. However, Google is working with all cell phone companies to get this app up and running on all 3G and 4G phones. We could soon see the elimination of wallets altogether and have everything loaded onto a device even more technologically advanced than anything we have created yet.

This app obviously could make the wallet become obsolete. We could soon develop a device that could carry all our credit cards, debit cards, and even our driver’s license electronically. This technology could be seen in the very near future and for me I think it’s awesome. We are in a way making life simpler. Today most people carry around a wallet, iPod, cell phone and most women carry around even more stuff. I can just vision a device that compiles the wallet into the equation with a cell phone. I look forward to it because I feel like this wallet technology will open up even more doors in the field of cell phones and person electronics.

Google creating this app can even have an impact on what the limits of apps can become. This app has access to some pretty personal information. Would people willing give their credit card numbers to an app that could easily be hacked? I personally like this new technology and what could potentially come from it. However, I feel that a lot of Americans may not trust this service and there are good reasons for it. Some people have issues with credit cards as it is and this technology makes it that much easier to use credit cards and spend money in general. It also has the potential of being a disaster. If someone loses their phone or gets it stolen and hacked it just costs the owner and the credit card companies more money. I would use this technology I just don’t see my parents using it and I think that is the future for this product really.

Though there are some cons to this new technology it could really boost business for some companies. Google is a huge company with even more resources so it was no surprise they were the first to come up with technology like this. Some companies could even use this technology to develop their own form of personal technology. This new Google Wallet could ultimately become comparable to the iPod where almost everyone uses one in one way or another. All it takes really is for Google Wallet to be successful. Which could ultimately help businesses taking off developing apps that can make life easier than we ever thought.

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