Monday, October 10, 2011

A More Convenient Way to Pay

Technology has brought us a long way from how consumers purchase goods and services. At first consumers only had the option of purchasing what they wanted or needed at a store. Technology has changed all of that. With the creation of the Internet, consumers are clicks away from what they are looking for. The Internet did only make it so that consumer didn’t even have to leave the home to purchase goods and services, but it also expanded the market. Consumers can buy almost anything from almost anywhere in the world. One would think that this is the simplest way to buy a product, but technology has made it even simple. The mobile phone is now being used as tool for consumers to purchase goods faster and even simpler.

PayPal Mobile first initiated this idea. PayPal Mobile is a phone application that allows the costumer to pay for their transactions over the phone. PayPal is accessible to the IPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other phones that accept applications. To work PayPal mobile you must create an account in order to start buying things. Those who also have a PayPal account only expect PayPal Mobile. The IPhone application allows you to take a picture of a check and process.

With the successful launch of PayPal of Mobile, firms have come with an even simpler way then that. Txt2buy a way to purchase goods and services buy simply sending a text message. Txt2buy is fairly new. It has been widely used in the United Kingdom but is slowly being adapted here in the United States. The United States already has ways for the consumer to purchase through text message but going through txt2buy is a new route. Some companies in the United States have already adapted to this new trend. For example Amazon has a TextBuyIt service it now offers its costumers. TextBuyIt allows costumers to text the item they are looking for, compare prices if they are out shopping at another store, respond with the number 1 or 2 pertaining to the item of their choice, and complete their transaction with an automotive voice messaging system. The consumer does not even have to log onto Amazon to such a product. They can do it simply via text message.

Txt2buy is now seen on advertisements. Consumers can be driving, walking through the city, or even flipping through a magazine and literally text to buy. This is a new form of marketing that is all about the customer. Companies have made it so easy for consumers to purchase, that they have all the power in their hands, through their phones.

This may seem like a miner adjustment to the world of marketing and consumption but a closer looks shows that this is actually a huge step. Products and services that are marketed to millions already through public advertisement, now advertise the convince of picking up a phone and texting for the product. The markets are expanded to a wider variety of customers who now have knowledge of the product. The market will also pick up their selling pace since a costumer can now purchase a good or service in as little as 45 seconds.

Personally, I would love to take up a firm in this offer. I am the type of person who pays attention to commercials, billboards, and magazine adds. There are countless times when I mean to go buy or look something up but get sidetracked. With these new services, it is impossible to get sidetracked. My phone is always with me and I use it for pretty much everything. Adding a shopping feature is just what I am missing.

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