Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More than just a mobile app: A decision making tool

Blueberry systems have been making products solutions to the mortgage and financial services industries for years. They unveiled their newest version of the software RelayWatch. Most recently they stuck out a mobile application. As the world goes more mobile companies have to make mobile applications to stay ahead of competitors. Banks such as Bank of America, Chase, and others are advertising their new mobile applications. Other companies are doing the same, new online stock trading sites such as Scottrade and Ameritrade have mobile applications. With a growing mobile community companies that have gotten used to making software for computers have had to shift to also creating Mobile versions. This new era can be attributed greatly to Apple and the IPhone. I consider this to be a whole new realm of information systems that are being stream lined and put into Mobile, user friendly, versions.

IT is defined as “the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information”(Wikipedia). This new system by Blueberry requires more than just a new interface for the cell phone but also a new way to store the data. This new application allows you to access multiple databases and compare them. It allows the user to access new as we as old databases to revolutionize decision-making in business. New Information systems such as these mobile applications and we interfaces are changing the face of the business world. Twenty years ago you could not just get on your computer and trade stocks. Even as recent as five years ago you could not get on a mobile devise and trade stocks or access half of the information you can now. Every decision in business, politics, and basically ever aspect of life is researched first on the Internet, either on your computer or mobile devise.

With the creation of this new IT system comes the endless possibilities associated with it as well as the short falls. With a new platform come innovation as well as bugs, flaws, and hackers. With this product aimed towards the lenders the information must be kept secure and Blue berry must keep up on security. “Contrasted with many other systems that work off an outdated database of record, the universal data model combines the various systems and applications involved in the production process, eliminating data silos and the need for duplicate or staggered data entry.” This quote from the article just proves again how useful this new tool will be. Up to date information streaming is also a concept that is incorporated by showing real time updates and not having to sift through pages and pages of data will help the process of decision making move faster

With the new modern era of IT systems, computers, and globalization information systems have started to become more mobile, user friendly, and compact. This new system is not a new way to collect data but it is the other half of the equation and arguably the more important half, how to present the data to the user. A huge database is useful but without tools in excel, access, and other databases such as data analysis, queries, and charts, interpreting all of the data that is needed to make an informed decision would be nearly impossible. With this new mobile and computer application all of the data is in one easily accessible spot

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